The Foot-long Receipt

When I go to the grocery store or my favorite sandwich shop, I’m given a receipt that keeps getting longer and long! How many fuel points did I earn? What are the specials of the day? Care to take a survey; there’s a free cookie in it for you! It’s maddening.

Since I purchase everything with a card (who carries cash anymore), I’m dependent on collecting my receipts to record in my register. (I guess, if I didn’t want to do that anymore, I could go truly Millennial and check my account balance and receipt on my phone after each purchase.) Therefore, I carry around so many wadded receipts that it’s frustrating.

Even if I wasn’t at wit’s end with this phenomena, what is the deal with retailers trying to get more and more information into my hands. Seriously, you already send me a circular in the mail, you send me e-coupons, I can check my fuel points with my app. What more is there to say? Why not allow me, as YOUR consumer, to opt out of the extra-long purchase record? Give me the power to save you some paper! If you’re tracking my shopping behavior so closely, why can’t you see that I NEVER act on the enticements offered on my receipts?

I get that it’s hard to work in all spheres of market and advertising these days. We in America literally have four generations of shoppers using who knows how many levels of data and print media to inform their decisions, but I think that this advertising world has to choose a few well-worn paths and stay with them, eschewing the desire to act on every opportunity. Choose your metric, select your consumer, and direct your efforts toward them (and leave the rest of us alone). Alright, if you’re a grocery store, you’re kind of screwed because everyone still living eats, regardless of age. You’re on your own there. I can’t solve everything for you.

Anyway, rant over. I’ll either change (not likely) or I’ll just keep ripping them in half at the checkout line like I do now.